(20/03/2022 to 27/03/2022)   3rd Sunday of Lent       

  1. Last Sunday’s love offering is Rs. 14,785/-
  2. We thank the following group for organising mass and cleaning of the Church, i.e Saturday’s English massPaulin S Souza & Fly, Romana D’Souza & Fly & Juze Fernandes & Fly from St. Barnabas Somudai Moicavaddo North and Sunday’s Morning 7.00 a.m mass – Caitan Silveira & Fly, Anthonio Correia and Fly and Raul Ferrao & Fly St. Catherine Somudai (Volvaddo West) the second mass will be organised by St. Bartholomew catechism group (Tr Fiona & Tr. Angelina)
  3. 26th March 2022, Saturday, cleaning of the Church and organising the Liturgy will be done by Tony Fernandes & Fly, Valentine Viegas & Fly & Bento Corriea & Fly from St. Thomas Somudai – Marra V and Agustine D’Costa & Fly, Jackie D’Souza and Fly and John Fernandes & Fly from St. Luke Somudai – Moicavaddo South. Coming Saturday (26th Mar) the evening mass in English  at 6.00 p.m. will be organised by St. Thomas Somudai  (Marra V). Sunday morning 7.00 a.m Mass will be organised by St. Luke Somudai (Moicavaddo North) the second mass will be organised by St. Phillip catechism group (Tr Pragati & Tr. Cecelia)
  4. A request to attend the liturgical study of the Bibble conducted by the Missionaries Families for Christ in our Parish. It is conducted in both languages, Konkani and English on every Wednesday from 6.30 to 8.00. All the somudai leaders and the CATS please attend this bible class on 23rd March 2022 we will use this method in our Somudai from June onwards.
  5. Every Friday during lent there will be no morning mass in Church. In the evening there will be way of the cross, adoration followed by mass which shall begin at 4.30 p.m.
  6. 25th March, Friday way of cross will be organised by Parish Youth and Altar Servers at 4.30 p.m.
  7. 25th March Friday, 2nd Death Anniversary mass for the soul of Joanita Victor at 5.30 p.m
  8. 20th March Sunday somudaiwise way of the Cross at 4.00p.m
  9. 27th March Sunday Village way of the Cross, Please prepare your Cross to be carried along for the way of the Cross.
  10. During Lenten season a box is kept in the Chapels and Church as your Love offering during the Lent season. The amount will be added for the good Samaritan Fund meant for the poor and Needy. Requesting you to contribute towards this noble cause during this Lenten season.
  11. It is noticed that some students remain absent for Music classes on Wednesdays. It has been decided and agreed upon that even if a student is absent  for the classe  he/she has to pay Rs.350 for the class.
  12. 21st March Monday the church office will remain open.

   Rev. Fr. Derick Fernandes