22nd August 2021 to 29th August 2021( 21st ORDINARY SUNDAY)

  1. Last Sunday’s love offering is Rs.12,600/-
  2. We thank the following group for organising mass and for cleaning the Church, St. Barnabas Somudai (Moicavaddo North) & St. Luke Somudai (Moicavaddo South). Saturdays English Mass and liturgy was organised by St. Barnabas Somudai (Moicavaddo North) and Sunday morning mass is organised by St. Luke Somudai (Moicavaddo South). And Second mass is organised by St. Paul – Catechism Group (Tr. Terryll & Domnic Savio)
  3. 4th Sept, Saturday , 8.00 a.m cleaning of the Church and organising the Liturgy will be done by St. Thomas Somudai (Marra V) & St.Mathias Somudai (Marra IV). 4th Sept Saturday evening mass in English will be organised by St. Thomas Somudai (Marra V) at 6.00 p.m. Sunday morning mass will be organise by St. Mathias Somudai (Marra IV)at 7.00 a.m. and second mass will be organised by St. Matev –
  4. 23rd August Monday,1st Death anniversary mass for the soul of Rosario Diogo Gomes at 7.00 a.m from Manxer.
  5. 29th August we celebrate the Harvest feast in our Parish. It is also called Somudai Day . We shall have blessings of the Corn and also the fruits /vegetables grown in your garden. Kindly bring it for the first Mass. The Catechism children will bring the fruits/vegetables for the second mass at 8.30 a.m. The blessing will be at 6.45 a.m followed by the Mass at 7.00 and also during the 8.30 mass. On that day the Parish priest will bless all fields of our Village from different locations. The timings and the venue will be announced shortly. In the evening at 4.00 there will be Somuday day celebrations. All the Associations of our Parish including the CATS and PATS of PPC will have to compulsorily attend the evening programme. All the 13 Somudais will prepare a rice food item.
  6. The Village Panchayat of Marra-Pilerne has installed some free Wiffi hotspots in Our Village for the Poor students who cannot afford internet facility at home. Some of the hotspots include, St.John the Baptist Church, Pilerne, St.Anne’s chapel, Marra and Mae de Deus Chapel, Moicavaddo. The hotspot will be activated from 9.00 a.m to 2.00 p.m. Students please avail of this opportunity
  7. Since we have started our Catechism mass, I request the respective classes who are marked to organise the litury to organise the Choir also for the catechism mass. We will have the Liturgy and Choir practise on Every Thrusday at 5.00 p.m. Rev. Fr. Derick Fernandes